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Oct 27, 2020

This is the beginning of Pastor Peggy's exciting new series, entitled, "Charged," in which she reminds us that it's the power of God in our lives which enables us to fulfill the mission of Jesus. We need a full charge- not a low-power mode- so let's listen and find out how to recharge our spiritual batteries!

Oct 13, 2020

In the final part of this series, Pastor Peggy teaches about the last two pieces of God's armor: the Sword of the Spirit (the spoken Word of God) and Praying in the Spirit. As we listen, we will learn what are the attacks of the enemy and what should be our responses to those attacks. Remember: God has what you need for...

Oct 6, 2020

Let's listen to today's message, as Pastor Peggy tells us about two more pieces of God's armor: the Helmet of Salvation, which is needed to protect our minds from the attacks of the enemy; and the Sword of the Spirit, God's Word, which is like a sword that is sharpened on both edges and the tip, able to cut in...